Workshops and Rituals



Green and Healing Magic – Byron Ballard – 7PM Tennis Courts

Many of us are bombarded these days with requests for healing in body, mind and spirit. This class offers ways for the healer to cope–and even thrive—and be helpful whether the healing is needed for kith, kindred, colleagues or self. Gather and use the material in the world around you as you consider the “magic” of intention and other energy work. Learn deep relaxation techniques & spend time with the Seven Sovereign Sisters of the Appalachian mountains.

Druid Magic – Ellen Evert Hopman – 7PM Tin Can A

This will be a talk on some of the ancient Druid magical techniques such as wind augury, ornithomancy, divination by Ogham, the Sword of Light, The Vessel of Plenty, the Silver Branch, Illumination between the Hands, and the three kids of harp music. How did the highest grade of Druid, the Fili, achieve Imbas or Awen, a type of divine prophetic inspiration? What are the techniques known as Recital from the Ends of the Fingers, Crane Magic, the Bull Feast? What ancient Druidic tool can be used to attract the Good Neighbors, and how will we know when they appear? Magical Poetic Satire will be discussed; under which tree did the poets stand to compose a powerfully effective satire? And what were the consequences for a king.

Crafting Spell Candles for everyday Intentions – June Jennings – 7PM Tin Can B

The workshop will walk the participants through how to create their own spell candle for certain intentions. The correct herbs, crystals, candle colors, oils, moon phases and timing will be discussed. There will be a demonstration of a candle spell at the end of the workshop.

The Return of the Dead – Ancestor Veneration and Work With the Dead in Neopaganism – Ian Corrigan – 8pm Tin Can A

The Beloved Ancestors, and the Host of the Dead were vital parts of traditional European Paganisms, yet they were almost entirely absent in the mid-20th century reinventions. In our time Ancestor-veneration and necromancy are a growing part of the Pagan movement. Ian looks back at the roots of the Neopagan revival to find the cause of that key omission, and examines the origins and trajectories of recent trends.

Osiris, Horus, Set: The Eternal Struggle – Michael Smith – 8PM Friday Tin Can B

An exploration of the Osiris/Set/Horus relationship, its mythical underpinnings, symbolism, and usefulness in understanding the Ancient Egyptian and modern ideas surrounding life, death, struggle, and sacrifice.

Concert – Krista Chapman Green – 8pm Friday Ritual Field


The Wonders of the Universe – Mark the Druid – A late night event – 10PM Friday Tennis Courts

Mark’s annual sojourn across the Universe will be conducted this year virtually from our front yard and/or our deck at our home by the lake. He has been conducting live streams of the night sky for many months now and will be discussing the Moon, the planets and deep sky objects, including galaxies and nebulae, as weather conditions allow. And even if the sky is cloudy, he will show a video recording taken days earlier of the same objects with his telescope. They are always stunning and informative – and they remind us that wonders still exist, even though there may be turmoil on Earth.

Weaving the Paths of Power: Layering Techniques in Ritual – Gabrielle Cleary – 10PM Friday – Tin Can A

Seemingly separate acts of ritual structure can be layered atop each other, or woven together, in new and interesting ways. In this workshop, participants will discuss and learn how to layer aspects of ritual to incorporate sacred space, worship, celebration and magic. They will learn to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts, a natural flow of energies, a dance with the egregore where each participant can work with a mix of inspiration and technique. Summon and stir to the dance, chant and drum in patterns old and new.

Justice-craft of the Wise – Amy Blackthorn 10pm Friday – Tin Can B

Join Magical Herbalist and Author, Amy Blackthorn on a quest to make the world a better place. How to empower (or dis-empower) political bills, laws, court documents and more. We’ll delve into the ethics of hexing, curses, and jinxes. Learn to create your own cloak of invisibility and how to banish harmful people from your life. We’ll discuss botanicals for justice magic and ways of incorporating them in our lives. “


Beyond Gender Essentialism in Wicca – Jack Chanek – 10am Saturday – Ritual Field

In this workshop, we will look at building a deeper understanding of Wiccan theology, which goes beyond essentialist assumptions about sex and gender. We will have a brief historical overview of 19th- and 20th-century ideas about gender and its relationship to magic, and how these ideas shaped Wicca’s development. Then, we will discuss the ways in which those ideas can be restrictive and reductive. We’ll explore the overlapping magical polarities at the heart of Wicca in order to develop a richer, fuller magical and religious practice, showing the many ways in which Wicca connects us to a mystery greater than a binary, biologically essentialist conception of gender. The workshop will conclude with a moderated round-table discussion, giving participants the opportunity to share their own perspectives and experiences.

The Right Fit: Creating Ritual Clothing – Sophia Kelly Shultz – 10AM Saturday Tennis Courts

Handout for Class

Having clothing that is worn only during ritual serves to separate our spiritual workings from the distractions and upsets of the worldly realm. Ritual clothing helps us to get into the correct head space for spiritual work; if we are leading ritual our appearance may help others to focus more easily in the work we are doing together.

You can find wonderful things at local witchy shops or at gatherings, but are they really what you want? Will that Celtic cloak put you in the mood to summon ancient Egyptian spirits? And will it be warm enough to wear at your friend’s Yule celebration in Minnesota?

This workshop explores techniques we can use to create and personalize our own ritual gear without being a master craftsman. Attendees will learn about materials, resources, and ways to decorate their clothing so that it becomes an extension of their spiritual self.

Kitchen Witchcraft & Magical Food – Rachel Patterson – 10AM Saturday Tin Can A

Pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea and join me for a walk through the magic of Kitchen Witchcraft and the power of working with ingredients from your kitchen cupboards. Creating magic from things you have to hand and working with the energy of ingredients.

License to Depart & The Hangover – Stephanie Smith – 10am Saturday Tin Can B

We will discuss self care after magickal workings & invocation. Many are surprised by lingering depression and low energy after magickal workings, let’s talk about what we can do to make the most of the magickal hangover and the transformation process magick begins. 

Stories from our Ancestors – Laura (Spellweaver) Wildman-Hanlon – 11AM Saturday Tennis Courts

Reading stories from those who have gone before us, including: Margot Adler’s thoughts about community, how Susan Curewitz Arthen learned that magic works, Frederic Lamond’s experiences with Gerald Gardner, Grey Cat’s finding of the Morrigan, Fool Cat’s epiphany about the Gods and others. Stories of inspiration and community from Celebrating the Pagan Soul.

Building a Pagan Prayer Practice – Stephanie Woodfield – 11AM Saturday Tin Can A

Pagans avoid using the “p” word. For many of us it’s a concept we have rejected along with the religions we grew up in. Or we add a line like “Be here now!” or “We invoke thee!” 
and call it an invocation. Prayer is meaningful way to commune and connect with the divine. It is something found in all religions, and we even have some great examples left to us from the Pagans of the past. Let’s explore what prayer means in a modern Pagan context
as well as learn the steps to creating our own prayers.

Prosperity for Pagans – Amara Willey – 11AM Saturday Tin Can B

Amara has had her best year ever since the Great Pause began and is currently on the Salary of the Gods. Under her tutelage and using some simple techniques and magical principles, you can increase your abundance and learn to manifest anything you need.

There is handout for this class.

Grief Circle Omnibus – Claire/Luminous – 1PM Saturday Ritual Field

Note: This session will be conducted via Zoom at this link

2020 was a year like no other – filled with losses on every level: jobs, health, family & friends, stability, normalcy…. Plus we have been denied the means to mourn and heal in the usual ways. And we are still unable to gather in community with our FSG family. It’s a LOT to process and grapple with….

Please note:

  • This will be a unique Grief Circle for our virtual FSG for 2021 that takes all of that into account and the presenter will need all of your help to do it.
    • This will be communal in every sense.
  • We will:
    • Build a virtual Mighty Dead altar. 
    • Do a guided meditation for healing and grieving, to heal our hearts and spirits. 
    • Use candles, bells and other ritual elements as the occasion warrants to create sacred space.
    • Tell stories and celebrate those who have passed to the Summerlands.
      Please bring pictures and any mementoes of those lost since our last Circle in 2019. This includes Covid deaths and others, creatures of every description, as well as leaders and elders who have passed also.
  • I’m a Psychologist, Certified Professional Coach and Trauma Professional, I can help you address any challenges you may have had.
  • This may get tricky, depending on how big the group is, but the presenter can chat with whomever needs support privately afterwards.

Please come. Please support our Family of Spirit who are often isolated and need FSG to connect and have community. Loss has changed us and we need to gather in compassion and fellowship

The Magical World of Lon Milo DuQuette – Lon Milo DuQuette – 1PM Saturday Tennis Courts — cancelled

We are either efficient or inefficient practitioners of our Craft.There is no question that Magick can be used to effect changes in our lives. But the real question the Magician must first answer is; “What do I really need to change in my life?”No Magician can answer that question for another, but Lon Milo DuQuette is happy to share a few experiences from his own magical life that may help you better understand your own efforts toward self-transformation and enlightenment.

Healing with songs and stories – Nimue Brown – 1PM Saturday Tin Can A

When we sing together, we build community. when we share stores, we build empathy and mutual understanding. Coming together creatively we can protest and express grief, channel rage, overcome fear and find inspiration. Songs and stories are tools we can use to heal ourselves, and each other. Find the power in your own voice.

Inner Alchemy of Wintering – Taylor Ellwood – 1PM Saturday Tin Can B

Do you know when to take a break from your spiritual practice and give yourself time and space to rest, recover, and reflect on your life? In this workshop I explore this question and discuss the concept of wintering, and knowing when to stop, reflect, and explore your spiritual path from a place of repose and rest, so that you can rejuvenate yourself. I also discuss how to recognize and recover from spiritual burnout and how to put on the brakes if you’re starting to go into burnout in your practice.

The Witch’s Wheel of the Year – Jason Mankey – 2PM Saturday Tennis Courts

Timeless. Ancient. Eternal. Modern? The Wheel of the Year followed by Modern Witches is all of those things and more! Many of the sabbats we celebrate have truly ancient roots, while others are less than 100 years old. Journey round the Wheel and learn the history of all eight sabbats and the folklore and customs we associate with each of them. Learn how to connect even more powerfully with the change of the seasons where you live! It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know (and more) about the greater and lesser sabbats!

Heathen Magic – Pete Jennings – 2PM Saturday Tin Can A

Historical look at Viking and Anglo Saxon magic from English law codes, documents, Norse sagas and histories. Not suitable for the easily offended: they did not have a law of 3 fold return!

Lions and Serpents – Aeptha J. Jennette – 2PM Saturday Tin Can B

This is a long and unique relationship between the Lion and it’s polar opposite the Serpent. The archetype of the serpent is traditionally cold, chthonic and moist against the lion as warm blooded heat and fire. Symbolically they are sometimes depicted peacefully together and other times in opposition. This class with explore these two vast and intricate expression of frequency whose face is that of the lion and the serpent.

Apotropaics, Go-Bags, and What To Keep in the Cabinet – Irene Glasse – 3PM Saturday Tennis Courts

When things go sideways, they tend to so without warning. Maintaining a collection of hex-deflecting tools and knowing how and when to use them helps keep us safe. Join Irene Glasse for a workshop on and discussion of useful apotropaics for your magickal cabinet as well as what to carry in a metaphysical go-bag.

The Spirits of the Underground Railroad – Witchdoctor Utu – 3PM Saturday Tin Can A

The Underground Railroad comprised of a unique fraternity of people that were black, white, man and woman, rich and poor, American, Canadian and encompassed religions ranging from Christian to Hebrew, African and Native American animism to Spiritualists and free thinking atheists of the time. The tapestry of good humans that bridged many beliefs and philosophies managed to work together towards a common goal of ending slavery and human bondage, and the spirit world of the Underground Railroad is as diverse in the afterlife as those who supported and worked it in the realm of the living. 
Regardless of ones spiritual tradition the heroes of the Underground Railroad are worthy of exaltation and reverence, whether they be known to history or unnamed, the Spirits of the U.G.R.R. possess unique blessings that now more than ever in the current climate of society can be be tapped into and help elevate our work for our personal magic, growth or that of our community. 
In this workshop Utu will demonstrate methods of working with the U.G.R.R. spirit world to enhance our lives and celebrate those who helped change the fabric of humanity. 

Note: Although this workshop welcomes people under the age of 18, Irene swears like the former Marine she is, especially when she’s excited about a topic. And she loves hex-breaking.

The Myths of Avalon: Reclaiming Morgan le Fay – Jhenah Telyndru – 3PM Saturday Tin Can B

Goddess or priestess? Witch or enchantress? Sister or lover? Ally or foe? Come explore the nature of Morgan Le Fay as we investigate her potential origins in Pagan Celtic myth, trace the evolution of her character in Welsh and Arthurian traditions, and synthesize a vision of this mysterious lady that is both relevant and accessible to the path of the seeker today.

Godless Paganism? – John Halstead and more – 7pm Saturday – Ritual Field

This panel explores the spiritual paths of naturalistic, nontheistic Pagans, a significant element of our community. What do nontheist Pagans hold as Sacred? How do they practice? What are their ethical principles? How does this relate to the larger community and to the society at large?

Panel participants

  • Bonnie, creator of the Sedna Woo YouTube channel which explores open label placebo witchcraft
  • Jon Cleland-Host, Managing Editor of and founder of the Naturalistic Paganism yahoo discussion group
  • Mark Green, author of Atheopaganism: An Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science and founder of
  • Yucca, ecologist and co-host of the Wonder podcast
  • John Halstead, author of Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans and Editor-at-Large of

Divine Embodiment: Assumption, Drawing Down, Aspecting, Possession – Ivo Dominguez Jr – 7PM Saturday – Tennis Courts

Most magickal traditions use some form of divine embodiment in their rituals in which a priest/ess or a participant becomes for a time the vehicle for the presence of one of the Great Ones. When it works, it is awe-inspiring, and can act as a great catalyst for change. When it fails, and is no more than role playing or ritual theater, it can encourage cynicism, disillusionment, and diminished expectations of what is possible in ritual. The strengths and the weaknesses of several methods for divine embodiment such as assumption of deity forms, drawing down, aspecting, and divine possession will be compared and contrasted with each other. There will also be suggestions for safety and efficacy that can be used in multiple traditions.

Not a Peaceful Warrior: The Place of Martial Philosophy, Aesthetic, and Practice in Modern Paganism – Frank Stormcatcher – 7PM Saturday Tin Can A

Much of modern Pagan spiritual practice was heavily influenced by Eastern spiritual traditions, which provided a rich diversity from which to pull inspiration, and in some cases direct practice.  While this has been very successful for a significant part of the Pagan population over the last few decades, it by no means has been a universal success. For some, just the concept of a still mind seems alien, unattainable, and at best a quick way to catch a nap. The visualizations of quiet places abounding with serenity leave these folks wanting at best, and discouraged at worst. But there is another way.

For centuries, the means and ways of combat have served many people and nations not just as a way of defending their homes and lives, but as a way to bond, a shared language between generations, and a means of understanding the world, their comrades, and themselves. In this class we will discuss various ways that martial practices can be utilized today to achieve for some what the more peaceful, serene-based methods achieve for others.  While the ideas discussed will be applicable to martial practices from any culture, emphasis will be placed upon Western traditions.

Salem Witches Spill the Tea – Sandra Mariah Wright and Leanne Marrama. 7pm Saturday Tin Can B

Want to know the real deal about Tea Leaf Reading? Sandra Mariah Wright and Leanne Marrama demolish the stuffy image of Tasseomancy in a relaxed class designed to have you quickly reading your own tea leaves and anyone else’s you care to know the 411 on.
-Explore some of the time-tested meanings of symbols
-Learn methods of determining timelines
-Read a few sample cups from photos
No hot water to get into — just a bit of back story, an easy-to-understand system, and some fun with two of Salem’s most notoriously sassy Witches!

Concert – Kindred Crow – 8pm Saturday Dance Pavilion


Meeting the Fair folk – Morgan Daimler – 10AM Sunday Tennis Courts

Who and what are fairies? In this workshop we will look at definitions of fairies across centuries and cultures, descriptions from folklore and modern anecdotes, and discuss an array of examples of these fascinating beings. We will also talk about some of the broad rules of Fairy, why there are always exceptions, and basic etiquette. If you are interested in fairies or have questions about them, this is the class for you.

Building a Successful Esoteric Business – Scarlet Ravenswood – 10AM Sunday Tin Can A

In this workshop you will learn the marketing and branding secrets behind building a successful Esoteric business. This workshop is ideal for tarot readers, astrologers, reiki healers, or Pagan content creators looking to transform their passion into a professional business that generates consistent growth and income.

The Spirit of the Creative Altar – Miss Nikki Kirby – 10AM Sunday Tin Can B

The Altar is a very personal intimidate entity that is a magical person’s workplace, dedication to Deity, Spirits, and Ancestors, and a place to honor one’s own spirit. Altars do not have to be dull and boring. Learn how to bring out your creativity to decorate your altar.

5D Magic – A Wicca for the New Age – Amara Willey – 11AM Sunday Tennis Courts

Would you like to change your reality with a single thought? To view the world as a magical wonderland showering you with gifts and blessings every day? Come explore 5th Dimensional Magic and transcend the illusions of mind and matter. Reconnect to the peace and joy of being here on Mother Earth at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and embrace earth-powered enlightenment.


Universal Temple of Spirits – UTOS – 7PM Friday Ritual Field

This ritual will be conducted via Zoom

What would you like the Future to bring? What Spirit would you call to help make that happen?In following with the theme of this year’s festival, The Universal Temple of Spirits presents a service for The Spirits of the Future.  
Throughout the year, we have moved online for our rituals, and the Spirits have followed. We’ve had to modify some things, such as muting when others are singing, but trance possession rituals have been happening!  
This is an open circle; you may join late or leave early (although you’ll probably miss some good stuff if you do). We begin with a sung litany prayer that takes around 20 min. Then we start the main body of the service. This is a Pantheistic working, so we will honor Spirits from around the globe and sing in their native languages when possible. 

The Universal Temple of Spirits is a celebratory group practicing in the Global Spirits tradition. The celebrations welcome all Spirits from around the globe. Rituals are theme-based, rather than pantheon-based, and incorporate what we have in common as humans: shared food, dance, song, drumming, art, and possession trance. Global Spirits is a harm-none tradition. Our website is

A Clean Slate – Sophia Kelly Shultz – 4PM Saturday Ritual Field

Participants will need a small box or jar with a write-on label.

Please read information about this ritual

Materials for this ritual

This ritual is intended to provide participants an opportunity to face the chaos in their lives and to recognize it as the catalyst for whatever happens in the days and years to come. This ritual uses ancient Egyptian symbolism to help participants visualize their journey through the past year, but does not feature the invocation of any gods. It is my hope that this spiritual action will make it possible for participants to move on from the toxic situations created by the outbreak of COVID-19.