Welcome from FSA

Free Spirit Gathering (FSG) is a Nature and magickally focused spiritual festival that incorporates a diversity of esoteric disciplines and orientations. FSG is the flagship event of The Free Spirit Alliance (FSA), which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for learning, networking, creating, fellowship, and celebrating with Spiritual and Magickal Communities.

It is with significant excitement and joy, that FSA is glad to welcome everyone to the first ever online FSG. In fact it is the first official online event FSA has ever run in over 30 years, a decision made necessary as an adaptation to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is one of the bigger online festivals of its kind in the world, and boasts an amazing range of skilled and noted presenters who will be teaching this weekend being helped with a large staff of volunteers.

There was a steep learning curve for the organization as it navigated its existence and purpose through the pandemic, while also moving an established in-person experiential festival online. Many people supported this work in many capacities, as is true in all major endeavors. Of particular note however is the contribution, dedication, time, energy, and creative vision of Scott Mohnkern, our Coordinator and Director of Technology. This event as it exists today would not be manifest without Scott’s selfless labors. Thank you Scott.

All of us at FSA hope you have a wonderful online Festival experience in this unique rendition of FSG.  Tickets are on sale now for the in-person June 2022 FSG in Maryland as well!  If you need anything to help improve your online experience, please do not hesitate to reach us through the available options in the Menu Tab or the Discord Server.

Whether you are interested in joining us to support FSA  and FSG, or to be involved with other events being planned in line with our Vision and Mission Statements, or if you just want to enjoy the experiences available as an attendee, we of FSA warmly welcome you FSG 2021 Online!