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TimeRitual fieldTennis CourtsTin can ATin can BDance Pavilion
7:00 pm Universal Temple of Spirits Green healing and magic Druid Magic Crafting Spell candles for every day intentions Welcome to FSG Online 2021!
8:00 pm continued The Return of the Dead – Ancestor Veneration and Work With the Dead in Neopaganism continued Osiris, Horus, Set: The Eternal Struggle Krista Chapman Green Concert
9:00 pm continued continued continued continued
10:00 pm continued The Wonders of the Universe Weaving the Paths of Power: Layering Techniques in Ritual Justice-craft of the Wise
11:00 pm continued continued Continued


TimeRitual FieldTennis CourtsTin Can ATin Can BDance Pavilion
10:00 am Beyond Gender Essentialism in Wicca The Right Fit: Creating Ritual Clothing Kitchen Witchcraft & Magical Food License to Depart & The Hangover
11:00 am continued Stories from our Ancestors Building a Pagan Prayer Practice Prosperity for Pagans
12:00 pm
1:00 pm Grief Circle Omnibus Healing with songs and stories Inner Alchemy of Wintering
2:00 pm continued The Witch's Wheel of the Year Heathen Magic Lions and Serpents
3:00 pm continued Apotropaics, Go-Bags, and What To Keep in the Cabinet The Spirits of the Underground Railroad The Myths of Avalon: Reclaiming Morgan le Fay
4:00 pm A Clean Slate continued continued continued
5:00 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm Godless Paganism? Divine Embodiment: Assumption, Drawing Down, Aspecting, Possession Not a Peaceful Warrior Salem Witches Spill the Tea
8:00 pm continued continued continued Concert - Kindred Crow
9:00 pm Continued
10:00 pm
11:00 pm


TimeRitual FieldTennis CourtsTin Can ATin Can BDance Pavilion
10:00 am Meeting the Fair Folk Building a Successful Esoteric Business The Spirit of the Creative Altar
11:00 am 5D Magic – A Wicca for the New Age continued