Privacy Policy

We will use your email address and/or postal mailing address to keep you updated about upcoming festivals, rituals, and events. We may from time to time inform you about non-FSA events that we feel may be of interest.If you are a member of Free Spirit Alliance, we will use your contact information to notify you of upcoming business meetings.
If you register for an event, we will use your contact information to communicate with you regarding the event for which you are registered.
All photos used on the Free Spirit sites are used with permission.
Free Spirit Alliance respects your personal privacy. We will never sell or rent our lists or your information. Should you ever want to be removed from our mailing lists, please send an email to _____.

Conflict Resolution Policy

Perhaps the most important measure of a community is how it handles conflicts and disruptive behavior. In recognition of this, and in order to create the atmosphere of safety that is necessary for the freedom of expression and self-exploration that is the goal of our events, the Free Spirit Alliance has set forth the following policies.Every person has the right to be free from threats and harassment, to have their reasonable personal boundaries respected, and to have their side given a fair hearing if they become involved in a dispute.

Every person has the responsibility to clearly state their own boundaries, to respect the boundaries of others, to give a fair hearing to the other side if they become involved in a dispute, and to behave with due respect for their own safety and for the safety and rights of others.

FSA strives to promote dialog and mediation for conflict resolution. Should a dispute arise, we will try to find someone mutually agreeable to the parties involved to act as a mediator. The primary responsibility for finding a such a mediator and overseeing the conflict resolution process shall rest with the Coordinator On Duty at the time, if the dispute is during an event and involves the intervention of security staff or is otherwise of an immediate nature, or the FSA President, otherwise.During the mediation process, all parties are asked to keep in mind the rights and responsibilities outlined above.

FSA strives to create an atmosphere of freedom, subject to the requirements of safety and to the rights of others. Should a person act in a disruptive or unsafe manner, we will make a good faith effort to work with them to find a safe, peaceful, and reasonable way in which their goals can be met.

While we promote mediation and cooperation, a person whose behavior is reckless, disruptive, unlawful, or a threat to the safety or rights of others may be ejected from the event at the sole discretion of the event coordinator.
Any person ejected from an event who then displays unlawful, dangerous, or disruptive behavior at a subsequent event may be banned from future events for either a limited time or permanently. The decision on such a ban rests with the President, in consultation with the Event Coordinator(s) and Trustees.

Please remember: when reports of problems don’t reach us until after the end of an event, our ability to address them is severely hampered. If you encounter a problem that you’d like us to assist in solving, we ask that you please bring it to our attention promptly. You are not bothering us by asking us to help you solve a problem; that’s part of what we’re here for.