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7 thoughts on “Festival Comments

  1. Laura

    Hi All!
    Thank you for a wonderful event. My main criticism is I found needing to use three different programs to participate really confusing and cumbersome. I suggest using just zoom next year. Rites of Spring, which I also participated in, had one main zoom room which you were let into. From there you went to whatever room you wanted to, all clearly listed, to participate in a workshop, go merchants (they also highlighted various ones every day) or to an open social space. During the talks, questions were put into chat where the presenter or the tech support monitored or were held until after the talk was over. When you wanted to leave you left the room, returning to the main room, from which you could either select another room or exit the event. It also allowed from break out rooms within the presentations for those which wanted smaller, breaker out sessions among the participants. I hated having to sign up for two other programs (I have zoom) …. two other companies which now have my information and from which I’ll now need to go back and delete.
    I look forward to next year and do plan on participating again!

  2. Glenn Holliday

    I’m very happy we pulled off a Gathering of some sort this year. Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, presenters, and merchants.
    I told Scott he did a great job juggling a whole lot of electrons and making them land in the right places. I knew some of them would spill on the floor, and that happened, but no more than I expected to see.
    Several times I had the experience “This workshop is so much more than the description led me to expect.” Especially grateful for the workings given to us by Ian Corrigan, Jack Chanek, and Ivo Dominguez.
    Online is not as good as in person, but much better than having no contact at all. Having slides in a workshop is an advantage over sitting in the grass. I didn’t see any presenters offer to make their slides available.
    Kindred Crow commented they haven’t played for an audience in a year. I asked if our online presence felt like an audience to them. I don’t think they saw my question. I’m curious how the presenters liked the online audience. I missed being with a real crowd in the real dance pavilion for the concerts. Too bad no virtual fire circle – I have no good ideas about how to offer a worthwhile approach to that experience online.
    Juggling Zoom, Discord, and Twitch was confusing, but ultimately worked out. I don’t like that Twitch Chat discards the chat history and discards the message I am trying to enter when it makes me log in for my first message. For one event the volunteer facilitator encouraged us to switch over to the Zoom feed. But Zoom was displaying unhappy messages and the Twitch feed from Zoom was working much better.
    I could see the work the volunteers were doing during the events, and I’m grateful to them all.
    I plan to do more shopping and spending with our merchants. I’m glad this worked for them.
    I hoped to see more online rituals. I missed doing the community Opening Ritual, Main Ritual, and Closing Ritual. I know that depends on what volunteers are able to put together to offer, so I can’t complain about it. I want to be nice to our volunteers, and thank again all the people who did work to make a lot of events happen.

  3. Sophia Kelly Shultz

    This event was a phenomenon of organization, across multiple platforms. The organizers and volunteers are to be highly commended for making FSG 2021 work, and they should each be given a month’s vacation from their various places of work as a reward for their tireless dedication to this project. I hope they are all still speaking to each other!!

    thank you thank you thank you again

  4. Jackbrycki@yahoo.com

    Hey, I still have my unused ticket & meal plan plus I paid extra for “Ritual Night” total of 367$ from May 12 2020.
    Order #1341536466. I guess this money is just gone?
    A donation? Any thing I can get for this?
    Let me know? Even access to work shop video?


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