Welcome to FSG Online

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Stepping into the Future

Welcome to Free Spirit Gathering Online 2021 – 100% online for 2021

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Note! Kindred crow concert has been moved to 8pm Saturday

Welcome to Free Spirit Gathering online 2021! This is the page you’ll start with to view FSG events. At the top of this page you’ll see a series of tabs. The table labeled “schedule” will let you see what workshops and rituals we are holding, and a list of presenters.

A little bit about the locations and how they work.

We’re putting up videos for people that are interested on how to attend the online festival. 

For most workshops and rituals, we’ve created online locations that mirror the locations at Ramblewood where the in person festival is held.   That way it feels even more like you are there in person., when you mouse over Locations you can see the various workshop locations, go to the location and you’ll see two windows, a “broadcast” window that shows the presenter or officiants, and then a chat window, where you can ask questions, and chat with each other. You may need to hit the play button on the broadcast window to see the presenter.  You’ll also see a schedule for the location at the bottom.

Some workshops and ritual that require more interactivity will be conducted via zoom. In this case, you’ll see a zoom link which you will click on to attend the event. You can do this inside your web browser, or using the Zoom client.

For social hours, we’ll be using the FSG Online Discord Server. When you click on the link, it will take you to the discord server where you will create a name and then select a room. There are both text based and “audio/video” rooms available. If you aren’t familiar with Discord, here’s a good youtube video.

So where do I go from here?

Click on the Schedule and see what’s going on. If nothing’s going on, click on the Dance Pavillion, and maybe start up a chat there! Or take some time to visit our Merchants and buy some of their beautiful products.